Solar Power

Need Solar Power? At Lesside Services, we believe the way people choose and use energy reflects their outlook on life. For some, it’s a simple matter of finding the cheapest way to heat and light their home or business and to power their appliances and equipment.

Others look at the bigger picture, the way their energy systems work for them. The smartest ways to use energy efficiently, and the effect on our environment and climate. Of course, they’ll be thinking about their energy bills too.

Solar power systems have advanced a long way since the early days of depositing a heavily subsidised but ugly set of panels on a roof. Advances in slimline and in-roof photovoltaic (PV) panels are turning solar into something of an art form. Across Brisbane, Redcliffe, Redlands, Ipswich and Logan.

Lesside, Your Accredited Solar Panel Installer

It is required by the federal government, that you must use an accredited installer and approved products.  Lesside not only meets but exceeds the governments must haves for installing solar panels. We are proud holders of the Clean Energy Council accreditation, a current QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) licence and an unrestricted electrical contractor licence.

solar power

Green Energy That Saves You Money

Whether you are a home or commercial solar power user. Lesside are happy to advise you on the best energy supply configuration to suit your needs. We can then design and install an efficient, fully integrated low-carbon solar energy system. That not only looks good, but makes you feel good too.

Solar PV system prices have fallen to the extent that Lesside can offer long-term energy cost savings with no government subsidies. As well as, reducing the carbon footprint of your home or business.

What is Photovoltaic?

The term ‘photovoltaic’ means the direct conversion of light into electrical energy using solar cells.

In simple terms, the suns light travels through the sky hitting the solar panels and creating electricity. It’s that simple!

Generating power

To make enough solar power, or wattage (W), a few panels (modules) are connected in strings to create an array. An array can be made up from as little as 6 panels. Modules vary in wattage output, however, we tend to use between 260-310W modules.

Several factors can affect how much power you make, such as;

  • your system’s capacity (generally 1.5kW & up)
  • the average sunlight hours
  • your panels’ position on the roof (usually facing north and angled to collect the most sunlight)
  • the inverter’s rating in kilowatts (we make sure this is equal to or more than the solar panels’ output).

The solar inverter or micro inverters, transforms solar power into electricity that you can use in your home or business. This becomes your first source of electricity, anything extra will come from the mains power grid.

Most customers find that their solar panels make just over one-third of the electricity the household uses. However, this will change depending on your individual use.

Buying Solar Products

Many Brisbane homes and businesses have started using solar panels to make their own power and reduce electricity bills.

Lesside are a product provider of advanced and state of the art electrical solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial solar installations. Our range of supplies include small scale residential solar power installed systems. To large scale school, farms and university installations.

Lesside Services use;

  • Winaico panels – Winaico is a manufacturer of high-performance crystalline photovoltaic panels as well as provider of photovoltaic systems, and
  • Trina Honey panels – Trina Solar has been manufacturing high quality photovoltaic solar panels since 1997 and are world leaders in their field.

Market feed-in tariffs in Brisbane and SEQ

The number of panels, combined with their corresponding wattage output determines the overall size of the array. And hence which Feed-in Tariff bracket your system will fit into.

Electricity retailers in South East Queensland (SEQ) offer competitive feed-in tariff (FiT) rates for new solar customers. Different retailers offer different feed-in tariff rates.

Exporting to the Grid

For the joining of your solar system to the grid. Lesside will ensure you meet the technical requirements set by the electricity broker (Energex) to export electricity. 

To make the grade for the feed-in tariff you must have a network connection agreement in place with Energex. You’ll also need to hold an electricity account with an electricity retailer that offers a feed-in tariff for the site where the solar PV system is installed.

Please Note: The government Solar Bonus Scheme is closed to new solar customers. For existing customers who maintain their eligibility, the Solar Bonus Scheme is legislated to expire on 1 July 2028.

Getting Help with Your Existing Solar Panels

If you are having problems with your solar panels, or are not getting the benefits you expect:

  • Your household may be using too much power during the day (things like air conditioning or swimming pool pumps use lots of power)
  • You may need to reset the system (check the user manual or call Lesside for help).

If you think there may be an installation problem, you should:

  • Contact your installer and ask them to come back and inspect the system, or
  • Call a licensed electrical contractor such as us, Lesside Services to inspect your system

Industrial and Commercial Solar

Whether you are aiming to comply with local authority rules. Safeguard yourself against rising energy prices or simply improve your company’s image. Lesside offers one of the simplest, most reliable and cost effective ways of reaching this.

On-site commercial solar energy generation can reduce both the energy costs and carbon footprint of your business. Helping to enhance profits and energy security.

Lesside provides integrated commercial solar energy systems customised from a menu of individual components and measures to suit exact business settings. Starting with a study of your premises and energy use patterns. We assess the potential for on-site renewable energy generation, such as rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) panels. Other techniques such as ground or air source heat pumps or biomass can also be installed if required.

We can also install battery storage systems to enable time-of-day load shifting and provide short-term backup power.

Annual Maintenance

With no moving parts in any of the components. A solar PV system is highly reliable and requires minimal maintenance, presenting a great long-term investment.

Lesside Services are happy to offer an ongoing monitoring and maintenance package to ensure your system is operating correctly. Solar PV systems are like any electrical equipment. Maintain them regularly to keep them safe and efficient.

We also can audit your system, fault find, as well as clean your solar panels.

Wealth of Experience

Lesside has vast work experience with schools, offices, agricultural, leisure facilities, and public sector buildings.

Our commercial customers have the peace of mind that comes with dealing with an experienced, highly trained and safety conscious team.

Why PV For Your Business?

  • Reduce Your Overheads – use the electricity you produce on-site and buy less from your energy provider
  • Protect Against Rising Future Energy Costs
  • Turn Un-Used Space into an Income Generating Area
  • Simple to Install, Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Lead by Example – show your commitment to sustainability. To customers, suppliers and industry

Home Solar Power

Take control of your power bills!

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology has advanced a lot in recent years. Not only is it much more efficient than it used to be, producing more low-carbon energy from the same roof space. But it’s a lot better looking.

Unlike most solar installers, Lesside has been in the solar power business for 27 years. We have a thorough grasp of roofing materials and technologies. And can deliver high-quality customised solar system installations quickly and safely.

If you prefer to know exactly who you are dealing with you have come to the right place. Lesside offer an honest and old school approach. We provide all products from solar panels through to solar grid connect inverters.

Key Benefits for You

  • Lower your power bills
  • Protect against future energy price rises
  • Low maintenance
  • Very reliable
  • Long system life span
  • Reduce your household carbon emissions
  • Easy to retro-fit
  • Silent operation
  • Designed for you

At Lesside we do not install ‘kits’, all our systems are designed specifically for your property and your needs.

Peace of mind

All our installations come with a manufacturers’ warranty and an insurance-backed workmanship warranty. For home installation, wherever possible, we provide a full after care service. Which includes monitoring system performance for two years from install. This has proved a valued service for many of our customers, enabling us to show that that the systems are performing as designed.

Call us now on 07 3394 4133 for a no obligation consultation about installing solar panels at your home or business. Or if you simply want a solar quote estimate on system prices, just drop us a line.

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