Why Use a Qualified Electrician

Safety first

We all know about electricity and water not mixing and lots of other bits of information like this. However, this doesn’t really tell the full story. Working with the electrics in your home can be dangerous and this is one of the top reasons why you should use a qualified electrician. The other main reason is that there are legal requirements as a homeowner to have a range of jobs done by an electrician to ensure they are done correctly and remains safe for long term use.

Jobs such as installing a new light fixture or wiring in a new cooker are examples of jobs that look simple but can be dangerous and fall under the legal guidelines that require an electrician to attend. In fact, any job you consider that you are uncertain if you should be doing, it is best to call in a professional.

Electricity Kills

The electricity around the house may seem innocuous but there is enough voltage in a home system to kill someone. This is because our bodies use electricity to control our organs, making our hearts beat or our lungs operate. Adding extra electricity can interrupt these signals or send them haywire and this can result in death. Research shows that around 15 people die and around 300 are hospitalised across Australia each year, as a result of domestic electrical accidents.

Another cause of fatalities associated with electricity comes from faulty or poor workmanship and resulting electrical fires. Wiring has to comply with building regulations and a qualified electrician will know what these are and ensure everything is compliant. If you do the work yourself, you will likely not know this. Also, if something does happen through work you’ve done yourself, your insurance company may not pay out for any resulting damages.

Book a Lesside Services Qualified Electrician

So before you take on any electrical work around your home call Lesside Services on 07 3394 4133 or send us a message. Be safe not sorry and book one of our qualified electricians to come to your home today.