Air Conditioning

Need Air Conditioning? With over 27 years’ experience Lesside Services are not just another air conditioning company. We are the smart choice for customers who need a company they can depend on. Serving the people of Brisbane, Redcliffe, Redlands, Ipswich and Logan

Here at Lesside Air Conditioning Brisbane we supply a wide range of air conditioning solutions for both commercial and domestic customers. As well as the growing number of businesses that work from a home office.  Being a locally run business, we offer a friendly, fast and reliable service that you will find is very competitively priced. For peace of mind we also have extensive hardware warranties.

We can help you with your air conditioning needs throughout Brisbane, Redcliffe, Redlands, Ipswich and Logan. We have the knowledge and expertise to supply, install and service air conditioning systems at all kinds of premises. From small homes to large construction sites.

The best solution for both home and businesses

For your business – We can supply, install and maintain any size air conditioning system for any size premises. We offer a detailed planning and design service. Helping our customers save money by installing the best air conditioning system for their needs.

For your home – We can install the perfect system that will keep you comfortable all year round. With perfectly balanced temperatures, as well as cleaner air, that promotes good health and a sense of well-being.

We take our environmental considerations very seriously. We strive to offer air-conditioning systems which are energy efficient by reducing energy consumption. Therefore, having much less potential impact on the environment and saving money.

Air conditioning & Refrigeration services;

  • Domestic air conditioning
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Air conditioning design
  • Air conditioning service and maintenance
  • Reverse cycle (heating & cooling)
  • Split system air conditioner units
  • Split system installation
  • Ducted air conditioning systems
  • Cassette system installation
  • Floor or ceiling console system
  • Packaged system installation
  • Ventilation system installation
  • Zone control modifications and ventilation

Quality Brands

Lesside are among the very best in air conditioning companies in Brisbane. And as a result, our team are passionate about providing comfortable and dependable services for our customers. Partnering with huge global brands such as Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Temperzone, Advantage Air, Panasonic, Actron Air and Fujitsu. We are proud to be able to offer air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services. Which help cool down your summers and warm up your winters.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our friendly and highly trained team are not only brilliant at finding you the right make and model for your needs. They’ll be at your beck and call for any support, maintenance or queries you may have further down the line during the product’s life.

We assure quality in our product range and in our installations. We arrive on time and your comfort needs are our focus, which is why we’ve got you covered from the start.

air conditioning

We’ve built up our customer base largely on word-of-mouth. As we know there is no better form of advertising than providing excellent service to the best of our abilities. And to take the utmost care of the people whom matter the most to us – you.

Value for Money

At Lesside we also strive to provide competitive installation prices coupled with the highest quality service to all our customers.

Gone are the days when the phrase ‘air conditioning’ was linked with huge scale monstrosities that make incredible noise and cost the earth. Or an indulgent luxury for the homes and buildings of the rich and famous. In today’s Australian climate, it is more desirable than ever to have an adaptable air conditioning installation to cope with our changing weather conditions. Making yourself, your family, your employees and/or your customers comfortable in their environment is a need if not an obligation.

Quality Brisbane Installation Work

We have fully qualified electricians and specialists who have years of experience in the design and installation of air conditioner systems. For the simplest home installations to the most complex of commercial environments. That is why Lesside is the first choice in domestic, residential and commercial air conditioning installations.

Offering state-of-the art air conditioning and heating from a wide range of trusted brands. Our systems will do precisely what they are designed to do, keep you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold.

Air Conditioning Service

Our air conditioning service team understand that your patience can lessen rapidly when the temperatures start climbing. No one likes being hot under the collar and you should never compromise your comfort, which is why we are here 24/7.

We recommend that you get your domestic air conditioning system checked over at least twice a year. As this will significantly increase the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. We can also be there for you if your system develops a fault, just give us a call any time.

For commercial customers we can offer you annual service contracts. We don’t believe in tying you into a maintenance contract for any longer period, as we want you to maintain us as your service providers because you want to, not because you have to.

Peace of Mind

Lesside are accredited designers, installers and repair agents for most leading equipment manufacturers. We also offer a 5 years installation warranty on all our work, subject to yearly maintenance through Lesside Services.

We meet ASSA Workplace Compliance safety standards providing employees, customers and visitors with a healthy and safe workplace.

At Lesside we hold licensing with Arc tick, CEC accreditation, electrical contracting and the QBCC. We also hold public liability of at least $20m, product/installation liability and workers compensation.

For no-obligation quotation or to simply enquire about the services we can provide, give us a call at on 07 3394 4133 today. You can also contact us via email if you’d prefer.

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